Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Next Revolution in Philosophical Movements

A philosophical movement is the outcome of a revolution in the mind of its scholars and followers. But the first revolution is never sufficient to make a philosophy popular. A next revolution, and a series of other revolutions, is necessary to take the philosophy to a larger section of the population.The next revolution happens when the followers start asking questions to which they cannot find the answers from the movement’s traditional texts or its scholars.

A few of the followers (those with the capacity for independent thought and judgement) then start exploring avenues outside the movement for finding the answers that they seek. Over a period of time they may come across new knowledge that contradicts the knowledge that is being preached by the movement—this creates controversy and divisions. If the movement’s leaders are unable to quickly resolve the contradictions, then their position becomes untenable.

It’s not necessary that the next revolution will make the movement stronger. A revolution can lead to any kind of outcomes—it may make the movement stronger by bringing into existence a superior system of philosophical thinking or it may wipe out the movement forever. However, if there is no next revolution, the philosophy will surely stagnate and become irrelevant.

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