Saturday, July 13, 2019

On The Failed Project to Create New Intellectuals

A good philosophical movement will impart such an extensive training to its students that a few of them will become expert philosophers in their own right. After 20 years in Plato’s Academy,  Aristotle learned enough philosophy to become Plato’s greatest rival—they have always been seen as the two distinct poles of western philosophy. Plato was a good teacher of philosophy; he taught his students how to think for themselves. Immanuel Kant too was a good teacher of philosophy and several of his students went on to become powerful philosophers.

Ayn Rand started objectivism with the creation of the NBI (Nathaniel Branden Institute) in 1958. She created the NBI before writing a single essay or book on philosophy because the focus of her philosophizing was not on the development of new thought or treatises in diverse areas of philosophy, but on inspiring a number of young men to join her, become her “new intellectuals,” and dedicate their life to transforming society by spreading rational ideas. But instead of creating new intellectuals, she managed to create a few clones of herself.

There is not a single scholar trained by her who has shown any will or capacity for independent thinking—for them she is the alpha and omega of philosophy; they abhor any opinion that is not in line with Rand’s thinking.

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