Friday, March 19, 2021

The Naive Apoliticism of the Individualists

Individualism leads to apoliticism. The individualists overestimate their intellectual and moral capabilities, and become convinced that they are too “intelligent” and “saintly” to even think of politics and politicians. In their narcissistic and utopian mind, all political factions appear equally “collectivist” (which is their favorite term for evil) and must be rejected. They fail to recognize the reality that even if you live in a democracy (or a republic), there will be the rulers and the ruled, and if you don’t want totalitarians as the rulers, then you must take a political stand which might offer the possibility of improving the political culture of your country—you have to favor the best candidate, one who is not only moral and capable of serving the needs of your country but also has the ability to win in the electoral contest. You can’t get away by proclaiming that since none of the candidates fit the criteria of being the “Mr. Perfect Individualist,” I will become apolitical. If you become apolitical, you allow the people whose political thinking might not be rational to elect the next government. Paradoxically, the rise of individualism after the 1950s has actually helped the statist forces (leftists, liberals, and neoconservatives) to intensify their stranglehold on politics and culture in many democratic nations. By becoming apolitical, the naive individualists have surrendered the politics of their country to the statist forces which they despise.

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