Sunday, February 14, 2021

Trump: The New Socrates

The aggressive denunciation and malice directed at Trump in the impeachment hearings offers an insight into the frame of mind that led to Socrates being tried and convicted by the courts of democratic Athens on a charge of corrupting the youth. Did Trump corrupt the youth? Did he tell the youth to march into the Capitol Building? It seems to me that Trump is the new Socrates, and the politicians, intellectuals, and journalists who are determined to get him are the Athenian mob. The rise of a Socrates is destabilizing for a society, and his unjust condemnation is often fatal—Athens began its decline after the rise and condemnation of Socrates. The American political establishment made its first mistake when they allowed a Socrates to arise. By condemning him without any evidence, they are making the second mistake which might prove fatal to their nation.

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