Sunday, January 24, 2021

The Decline of Conservative Politics

When you apologize for an injustice, you take responsibility for that injustice. The conservatives have been brainwashed into apologizing for their history, their culture, their nationalism, and even their economic and political success—and now they bear on their shoulders the guilt for every social and political injustice in the world. Thus encumbered with the weight of myriad injustices, they are full of guilt, which has robbed them of their moral sense and made them politically dysfunctional. They can still express their outrage in articles and books, and in the social media, but they are incapable of direct political action. They cannot fight against the liberals (the new nihilistic left); they can only rant against them. They realize that their conservative agenda can never be implemented because liberalism is in control of every cultural and political institution—and the conservatives have nothing except their proclivity to rant against the liberal establishment. In 2016, they elected Trump as president not because they wanted a reformer (they have lost faith in political and economic reforms), but rather because they wanted a president who would berate the liberal establishment day after day by tweeting against them.

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