Friday, June 26, 2020

Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained

The nationalist movement qua agitation is in the dumps. For those who favor a capitalistic democracy, the downfall of nationalism signals “Paradise Lost.” Nationalism, democracy, and capitalism have marched together since the Industrial Revolution. But the young generation has been coaxed by the “Leftist Serpent” to eat the “Forbidden Fruit” of anarchism and nihilism—they have been transformed into “Useful Idiots” who will happily rip apart the social system, based on nationalism, democracy, and capitalism, in which they have some possibility of leading a good life. The "Leftist Serpent” has mustered a great army, but they cannot win; they will fail for the same reasons for which communism failed to conquer the world in the twentieth century—the communists could not deliver the utopia that they had promised and this forced their best intellects to flee from the communist movement. The army of the contemporary left too will start melting away in the next ten years when the anarchistic and nihilistic utopia fails to materialize.

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