Sunday, April 5, 2020

The Modern Man’s War On Dark Forces

The modern man has lost his fear of the demons from the underworld, but he continues to dream about the cataclysmic dark forces which are out to steal his happiness, his life, his prospect of attaining salvation, and, in extreme cases, unleash an apocalypse which will bring civilization to an end—the better his material condition becomes, the more weak and helpless the modern man feels. He no longer pines for liberty, justice, free markets, better infrastructure—having always had these things, he takes them for granted; he wants to devote his resources to saving the world from the next cataclysm. In the last seventy years, the advanced nations have squandered trillions of dollars in fighting the dark forces which are a figment of their own imagination—Worldwide Famine, Ice Age, the Y2K Bug, Global Warming, Hole in the Ozone Layer, Acid Rain—and in the last one month we have been furiously fighting a new dark force: a mere flu virus.

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