Friday, April 24, 2020

On Conservatives and Immigration

Why are the western conservatives still fretting about immigrants? Hey dude, immigrants arrive only in nations which have a large number of high-paying jobs to offer. When your economy is in a state of apocalyptic decline, and the chances of economic recovery in the next five years seem bleak because the politicians, intellectuals, and celebrities in your nation are acting like self-destructive Marxist idiots and paranoid crybabies, and when your domestic unemployment is at an all time high, then the immigrants will not show up. No jobs, no immigrants—it’s that simple. Stop worrying about immigrants, they are not coming—in the next five years, you will see a 95% drop in immigration. If your economy does not recover, then all the border walls that you have built might someday come in handy for stopping conservatives like you from trying to sneak over to the other side. For a change act like real conservatives and focus on the real problem: salvaging whatever is still salvageable in your economy and culture.

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