Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Religion is the Master of Politics

A people will never change their political and cultural views until they are inspired or forced to reform or reject their religious convictions. This inference can be drawn from the political history of last 2500 years which, as it turns out, is analogous to the history of religion. The periods of great political upheavals are the periods of tectonic changes in matters to faith. A transformation in religious belief always breeds political and cultural upheaval.

The atheistic revolutions of the last two centuries morphed into earthly religious movements, because the atheists realized that without an earthly religion they cannot make an impression on the masses. The communists preached faith in their doctrine of historical materialism, the nazis preached faith in scientific racism (eugenics)—the liberals (who are the descendants of the communists and the nazis) preach salvation through enlightened progressivism.

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