Saturday, October 26, 2019

On The Four Types of Conservatism

The term “conservative” generally refers to anyone who stands for small government, free-markets, respect for religion and culture, and strong law and order. There are four types of conservatism: first, free-market conservatism, which is focused on free market liberalism; second, traditional conservatism, sometimes called paleoconservatism, which stands for economic and cultural nationalism and noninterventionism; third, religious conservatism, which is concerned with moral and cultural issues; fourth, neo-conservatism, which has revolutionary and utopian aspirations and stands for using the power of the government to remake the country and the world. The first three types of conservatives agree with each other on many issues, but the fourth type, neo-conservatism, is a new phenomena; because of its revolutionary and utopian character, it is seen as an outlier by most traditional conservatives.

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