Thursday, August 15, 2019

Individualism and Dictatorship

Individualism in limited measure can be a good thing, but extreme individualism, which may entail the severance of the individual from all traditional forms of collectivism like family, cultural institutions, and nation as a whole, is a recipe for disaster.

A nation is a collectivist enterprise—it cannot survive if it doesn’t offer its people dynamic methods for coming together and cooperating and collaborating to create a better society. The strength of a nation is linked to the dynamism of its systems for collectivism.

When there is rise of individualism and the traditional forms of collectivism get discarded, then new forms of collectivism germinate to fill the space. As they have arisen in a reaction to the extreme individualistic trends in society, these new forms of collectivism will necessarily be totalitarian in nature—they will be geared to crush the individualists.

Therefore an extreme kind of individualism is not good for a country—it can move the country towards dictatorship.

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