Monday, July 1, 2019

On Philosophical Tyrants

It will be hard to find a man capable of greater brutality than a philosopher who is devoted to creating a perfect society based on his own philosophical theories. A country where philosophers rule directly, or indirectly by joining hands with the politicians, is always a miserable place. For the philosophers, everything, including human life, is an abstraction. They are prone to ignoring reality and rationalizing about the problems that the country is facing. They will keep philosophizing while the country’s economy and standard of living goes down the drain.

A normal politician may appear unsophisticated and even uncultured because he generally wins support by organizing extensive grassroots level campaigns and addressing gatherings of raucous people. But he is far less dangerous than any “philosopher king”—and he has the capacity to understand the problems that the masses are facing and making genuine efforts to solve them. A country is much better off when political power is being wielded by the politicians who do not belong to the intellectual and philosophical class.

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