Tuesday, July 23, 2019

On The Importance of Past Civilizations

Liberty can make people capable of mastering the natural world, but it’s not helpful for mastering one’s emotions, desires, and passions—for the latter you need a culture with a positive sense of history and philosophy that inspires people to lead the life of a moral, hardworking, aspiring, and caring man. Such a culture is developed through centuries of civilization. That is why the countries which enjoy a fairly good culture of liberty are generally an offshoot of the long-established civilizations; they have a strong sense of their own history and traditions.

The nations that cannot develop connections with the past civilizations often prove incapable of developing a culture of liberty. If liberty (or democracy and a free-market system) is imposed on them by an outside force, then it has the effect of ripping the nation apart. The nation splits into factions which often use violent tactics to achieve their agenda, and this inevitably leads to political instability and a fall in the quality of life. Therefore liberty can bring progress in some nations but in some others it will lead to large-scale destruction.

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