Monday, July 8, 2019

On the False Deification of Individualists

Only the naive can dream of a political movement spearheaded by individualists. An individualist is someone who does not consult, does not cooperate, and does not collaborate—how can a man like this be expected to spearhead a political movement or even participate in one? Politics is all about consultation, cooperation, and collaboration—it is about finding a common agenda—it is about talking to people, giving an ear to their problems, and offering solutions—it is about trying to change the mind of the people who may not think like you or even hate you. An individualist is incapable of doing all this and so he is useless and irrelevant in the political context.

Many people believe that the individualists are brave, innovative, and creative. But this is not correct in every context. When a nation is attacked by a powerful enemy, the individualists are usually the first to flee, surrender, or get mired in depression over the hopeless situation. It is the people who are motivated by love for their nation’s religion, history, and culture who risk their lives to fight the enemy. When it comes to innovation and creativity, some of the most productive people in the history of humanity have been the non-individualists—these are people who love their family and friends, have respect and admiration for their nation’s religion and culture, and are often active in the affairs of their community and nation.

I am not saying that individualism is bad; it can be a good thing. But individualism can bring benefits only when it is practiced in a limited and judicious manner and in appropriate contexts—it is not advisable to take the individualist approach to everything in life.

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