Sunday, July 7, 2019

Labors of The Objectivist Sisyphus

The labors of the objectivist followers of Ayn Rand has distinct parallels with the labors of Sisyphus, who was condemned by the Gods to roll an immense boulder up a mountain only to have it roll down to the bottom when he is close to the top. Sisyphus must keep repeating the labor for eternity without any hope of success.

The objectivists too are condemned by their “God” to roll the immense boulder of reason, individualism, and liberty up the “mountain of reality”. It has been prophesied that the one who can make the boulder stay at the top of the “mountain of reality” will have the keys to the promised land. So far all the objectivists have failed to complete the Sisyphean labor.

Rand’s novels have some good teachings; the problem is primarily with her movement of objectivism in which two of closest followers Nathaniel Branden and Leonard Peikoff have made significant contributions. Both Branden and Peikoff were intellectually, morally, and temperamentally unsuitable for the job—and they have made a complete hash of the Randian enterprise.

The objectivist conception of reason, individualism, and liberty is not accurate, and neither is their view of man’s psychology, his purpose, and his place in the universe. The world of objectivism, with its flawed principles, petty conflicts, and cultist methods, appears vastly different from the vibrant world that the readers discover in Rand’s novels. There appear to be two Ayn Rands’ — the one who wrote the novels and the one who got mired in objectivism.

Since the 1950s, when objectivism got launched, the objectivists kept rolling the boulder up the mountain but it kept coming down. Eventually some prominent and not-so-prominent objectivists lost faith, or got exhausted and bored, and they gave up and drifted away from the unending Sisyphean labor. Some were excommunicated because the Randian-elite wanted to monopolize the Sisyphean labor—and its ultimate fruit, the keys to the promised land.

The objectivists who remain in the fold appear tired, garrulous, and peevish. Their mind is a cauldron of the pent-up anger of the decades. They keep performing the Sisyphean labor even though they are filled with the dread that they may never find the promised land.


Thomas Anderson said...

That was a nice introduction, but where's the article, or the book?

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It is coming. Please wait for some time.