Thursday, July 25, 2019

From Big Bang to Whimper

All the philosophical movements of 20th century began with a big bang and ended with a whimper. Why did they fail so spectacularly? They failed because these movements were launched by intellectuals who vastly overestimated their knowledge and intelligence, and vastly underestimated the scope of philosophy. They thought that they could play god and develop a philosophy that is so perfect that its essential characteristics are timelessness and universality.

But within a few years their movements floundered in a welter of inconsistencies and contradictions, and they lost their reputation and their movements splintered.

In my opinion, philosophy is like the universe itself—the further you look into the universe, the more stars, planets, and other heavenly bodies you find. Likewise, the more philosophical knowledge you discover, the greater becomes the scope for discovering even more philosophical knowledge. The philosophical movements of the 20th century were utter failures because they were launched by people who didn’t understand that philosophy is an unending quest.

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