Thursday, March 21, 2019

Ayn Rand and Indian Philosophy

Ayn Rand
In his article, “Ayn Rand and Indian Philosophy,” Roderick T. Long takes a look at Indian philosophical traditions and finds several affinities between Ayn Rand and Indian philosophers. He writes:
Rand is also closer to the Hindu thinkers, particularly those in the Nyaya tradition, when it comes to the nature of the world we experience through perception. (Since the similarities between the Nyaya theories and those of Aristotle have often been remarked on by historians of comparative philosophy, it is probably not surprising that Rand, as an Aristotelean herself, should be most closely aligned with Nyaya.)
Long’s article will come as a surprise to Rand’s acolytes (the objectivists) who fervently believe that in a Goddess Athena like fashion her philosophy sprouted in a fully formed state from her brow and hence is completely untouched by ideas from any other school of thought. Such an impression was created by Rand herself because she insisted that all her philosophical thoughts were her own.

The truth is that all the philosophical ideas that we find in Rand’s novels and essays have been proposed and discussed by several western (and even eastern) thinkers in the past 3000 years. There is not a single original philosophical idea that Rand has proposed—she was primarily a fiction writer and a commentator on cultural issues. Long’s article is worth reading.

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Hugo Schmidt said...

One of these days I will be able to find a critique of Ayn Rand that accurately reflects what she wrote and thought.

But that day isn't today.