Monday, September 18, 2017

Lord of The Objectivists

In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies a British airplane crashes into an uninhabited tropical island. The only survivors are boys between the age of 6 to 12. The island is peaceful and gorgeous, food and water are easy to find, and it seems that the stage is set for the boys to have a great time.

But the boys are unable to govern themselves. Disagreements breakout between them and soon they are indulging in savage violence. They discover in themselves the urge to inflict pain on their rivals and realize that they enjoy dominating others.

I wonder what will happen if instead of young boys a group of Objectivists get stranded on a tropical island. Will the Objectivists be able to cooperate with each other to ensure that they have a good time on the island? Or will they start indulging in acrimonious arguments about issues such as: Who is moral and who isn't—Who is loyal to Ayn Rand and who isn’t?

What if the Objectivists, like the boys in Golding’s novel, get divided into two warring camps which will eventually try to settle philosophical disputes through violence! The boys fought for material dominance of the island, but the Objectivists may fight for overcoming the rationalizers, compromisers, moral monsters, and the enemies of Rand.

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Roger Bissell said...

Anoop, I think this is a ~smashing~ idea, though I hope that whoever writes it will title it ~Lord of the Randians~. I think if we made it a bunch of egocentric high school and college age youngsters who were "into" Rand, that would be about right. I know quite a number of people for whom that would be a painful reminder of their own college days in the 1960s, when Randian Objectivist groups had purges, domination, schisms, and the like. There is no quicker way to find out what jerks and worthless fools some Objectivists can be than to be in a student group like that - or to witness the last several decades of dysfunctional behavior of the Executive Board of the Ayn Rand Institute.