Sunday, April 2, 2017

The April Fools' Day Surprise

In a comment on my FB post someone shared an “Official Membership Card” of Anoopism. It is not clear who has created this card, which has my image along with the images of Nathaniel Branden, Dr. David Kelley, Barbara Braden and Chris Matthew Sciabarra.

The card's motto is: "Stand with Us and We Will Stand With You. Together, We are One."

I can bear the use of my own image (such antics can be tolerated on the April Fools' day), but I think it is quite unethical to use the image of the eminent writers and philosophers, especially that of Nathaniel Branden and Barbara Braden who are now six feet under.

I think it is likely that the card is a handiwork of someone who dislikes my perspective on the state of the Objectivist movement that I have presented in my recent posts. Chris Matthew Sciabarra has written a blog on the “Official Membership Card” that he too received from someone.

Here's the link to Sciabarra's interesting post: The April Fools Run Amuck, Anoop!

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