Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Lindsay Perigo on Philosophical Fakery

In his controversial article,“Philosophical Fakery,” Lindsay Perigo accuses Yaron Brook, the CEO of Ayn Rand Institute, of ditching Ayn Rand and siding with the leftists. 

It is difficult to believe that Brook, a world-renowned promoter of Ayn Rand’s Objectivist philosophy, can have any association with leftist ideas. But Perigo insists that Brook and a few other scholars at the ARI are suffering from some kind of “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” which makes them vulnerable to leftist politics. 

According to Perigo, Brook and his colleagues at ARI have allowed Objectivism to be highjacked by the forces of Islamo-Marxism and their philosophy is no longer in line with philosophy of Ayn Rand. Their philosophy is, claims Perigo, “a manifestation of what I call Obleftivism.” 

Has Perigo given sufficient evidence to back the laundry list of accusations against Yaron Brook?—many people will ask this question. Perhaps there is a philosophical context behind the harsh comments that Brook has made against Trump in his radio broadcasts. In a forthcoming article, Brook may offer an explanation for the political outlook that the scholars at the ARI have of Trump.

But the view of rights that Perigo presents while making a case against "open borders" is something that may be of interest to the Objectivists. Here's an excerpt:
Objectivism does not contend that “all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Objectivism views that as an intrinsicist view of rights. Objectivists, if asked, would eschew such a view. 
Overall, the article is interestingly written and Perigo's arguments may appeal to the supporters of President Trump who seem totally convinced that their President is being irrationally targeted and opposed by the intellectual community, including many Objectivists.  

"Obleftivism," is an notable word and it is also a sharp accusation. If this word is not countered firmly and clearly, the accusation may actually stick and the reputation of certain popular leaders of Objectivism may get tarnished. Such an outcome will be very unfortunate. Here's Perigo's explanation of the term: 
Obleftivism refuses to acknowledge, let alone proudly proclaim, that Western Culture is The Best; that it’s entitled to protect and preserve itself qua Western culture, manifested in a plenitude of ways in specific Western nations; to say such a thing, according to Obleftivists, is “nationalism,” or even worse, “patriotism”—both odious signs of [gasp] “collectivism.” 
Perigo's ends the article with these lines:
I am a Deplorable, irredeemably. And I deplore Obleftivism.
Obleftivism is Fake Objectivism!
It's party time in America! Yaron Brook is a party-pooper!
Make Objectivism Great Again!
It will be interesting to see if Yaron Brook will take cognizance of Lindsay Perigo's article and come up with a riposte. Perigo's article is available at these two links: Here and Here

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