Monday, January 30, 2017

On the “blood-sucking,” “vampire-like” “exploiters” of labor

"The only kind of production a socialist government is interested in is the production of weapons, spectacles, and monuments, which enhance the power and prestige of the rulers—and of just enough consumers’ goods to prevent mass starvation or, perhaps, a revolt, either of which would weaken its power. Ironically, in Das Kapital, Karl Marx refers to capitalists as “blood-sucking,” “vampire-like” “exploiters.” It is clear, however, that it is not capitalists, but the rulers of socialism who are the genuine “blood-sucking,” “vampire-like” “exploiters” of labor. Minimum physical subsistence is the most they will ever voluntarily give to the masses, for they have absolutely no reason to give more.” ~ George Reisman

(Source: Capitalism by George Reisman; Chapter: "Socialism, Economic Chaos, And Totalitarian Dictatorship")

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