Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Random Thoughts on Big Government

The government claims that it wants to reduce the suffering, but its policies seem to increase it.

Big government means big problems for the little people.

The size of the people is inversely proportional to the size of their government—bigger the government, smaller the people.

The moral principles of a socialist government are in no way different from that of a mafia organization.

If there is no crisis in the country the government must act to create one otherwise the little people will start wondering why they are being taxed to support a bloated government that has nothing to do.

The little people who believe that in order to ensure long-term gain, their government must inflict short-term pain don't realize that the short-term can last until hell freezes over.

Little people, when you hear the government say that it intends to inflict on YOU some short-term pain in order to ensure YOUR long-term gain run for your life. Run as you would run from a pack of hungry wolves.

Benefitting the common man is the excuse of a power hungry scoundrel.

A government manipulates the nation’s currency to steal people’s wealth and crush their independence. All this talk about the government wanting to create a good nation is drivel of the worst kind.

100-years of large-scale destruction and bloodshed in the name of socialism has taught us nothing. We still have idiots pitching atrocious socialist lies.

Nothing works in a socialist system except the concentration camps and the firing squads.

The socialist government has a reverse-Midas touch. Whatever it touches transforms into a pile of rubble.

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