Saturday, October 8, 2016

Josef Stalin's Photoshop to Destroy Memories of the Purged & Executed

The idea of "Political Photoshop" was invented by Josef Stalin. Here is a picture from Soviet library where the same photograph was photoshopped again and again to remove people who had been purged and executed.

(In the original photograph: Nikolai Antipov, Joseph Stalin, Sergei Kirov, and Nikolai Shvernik. Leningrad, 1926).

Incidentally, the 1934 death of Sergei Kirov was blamed by Josef Stalin on the enemies of the communist regime and he used it as an excuse to intensify his purges and mass-starvation campaigns leading to the death of millions in Soviet Union. However, now it is well known that Stalin had ordered the hit on Kirov.

Here is another picture in which Leon Trotsky, who was executed on Stalin's orders in 1940, disappears.

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