Monday, August 22, 2016

"One does not revere with a giggle." ~ Ayn Rand

“The truly joyous man does not laugh too much, because there is little to laugh at in life as it is today. The truly joyous man takes himself very seriously, because there is no joy without self and pride in self. Those who preach and practice “not taking anything seriously” are not gay, light hearted ones. They are merely the empty-hearted. “Taking seriously” is the very essence of life. If one does not “take oneself seriously,” one can take nothing seriously. And—“the noble soul has reverence for itself.” One does not revere with a giggle.” ~ Ayn Rand

(Source: The Journals of Ayn Rand; This quote is from the personal notes that Ayn Rand made while she was preparing to write The Fountainhead.)

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