Monday, May 30, 2016

Why Postmodernism Managed to Defeat Enlightenment?

In his book, Explaining Postmodernism, Stephen Hicks says that Postmodernism was able to defeat the Enlightenment project by taking advantage of the weaknesses that are there in the Enlightenment’s account of reason. Here's an excerpt:

”Postmodernism emerged as a social force among intellectuals because in the humanities the Counter-Enlightenment defeated the Enlightenment. The weakness of the Enlightenment account of reason was its fatal flaw. Postmodernism’s extreme skepticism, subjectivism, and relativism are the results of a two-centuries-long epistemological battle. That battle is the story of pro-reason intellectuals trying to defend realist accounts of perception, concepts, logic, but gradually giving ground and abandoning the field while the anti-reason intellectuals advanced in the sophistication of their arguments and developed increasingly non-rational alternatives. Postmodernism is the end result of the Counter-Enlightenment attack on reason.”

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