Friday, May 20, 2016

On J H Randall’s ‘Aristotle’

Finally I purchased J H Randall’s book on ‘Aristotle.’ Ayn Rand has written a review of Randall’s book, so I had been planning to buy it for some time.

The book is out of print, so I had to order an old copy through Amazon. It arrived few hours ago and I am surprised to see that it is in a good shape. In fact, it appears brand new. It seems that the person who owned it before me, never opened it. The book is clean—not a single page is folded, not a single line is marked, there are no notes on the margins, and the binding and the cover are perfect.

This is my 11th book related to Aristotle. I just read few of the early pages and the impression that I am getting is that Randall has used a very clear language to describe Aristotle’s life and ideas.

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