Saturday, May 7, 2016

On Rewriting of Reality by Marx, Freud and Einstein

Historian Paul Johnson, in his book, Modern Times, has lumped Marx, Freud and Einstein in the category people who through their theories tried to rewrite reality, and had a negative influence on people's thinking. Here is a quote from the book:

"Marx, Freud, Einstein all conveyed the same message to the 1920s: the world was not what it seemed. The senses, whose empirical perceptions shaped our ideas of time and distance, right and wrong, law and justice, and the nature of man's behaviour in society, were not to be trusted. Moreover, Marxist and Freudian analysis com­bined to undermine, in their different ways, the highly developed sense of personal responsibility, and of duty towards a settled and objectively true moral code, which was at the centre of nineteenth- century European civilization. The impression people derived from Einstein, of a universe in which all measurements of value were relative, served to confirm this vision - which both dismayed and exhilarated - of moral anarchy."

(Source: Modern Times, by Paul Johnson; Chapter: A Relativistic World)

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