Sunday, April 17, 2016

Reisman on Atlas Shrugged

"I do not know if my college education could have damaged my intellectual development permanently. It did not have the chance. For just a few months after graduation, Atlas Shrugged appeared.

"I obtained a very early copy and began to read it almost immediately. Once I started it, I could not put it down, except for such necessary things as eating and sleeping. I was simply pulled along by what I have thought of ever since as the most exciting plot-novel ever written. Every two hundred pages or so, the story reached a new level of intensity, making it even more demanding of resolution than it was before. I stopped only when I finally finished the book, four days after I had started it. When I finished, the only thing I could find to say in criticism, tongue in cheek, was that the book was too short and the villains were not black enough.

"The first thing I got out of Atlas Shrugged and the philosophical system it presented was a powerful rein- forcement of my conviction that my basic ideas were right and a renewal of my confidence that I would be able to expose my professors’ errors."

~ George Reisman in Preface to Capitalism

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