Sunday, February 7, 2016

Stephen Hicks: Liberalism: The Fifteen Best Arguments

In the article “Liberalism: The Fifteen Best Arguments”, published in Reason Papers, Stephen Hicks gives a description of 15 best arguments for liberalism:

1. Liberalism increases freedom
2. People work harder in liberal systems
3. People work smarter under liberalism
4. Liberalism increases individuality and creativity
5. Liberalism increases the average standard of living
6. The poor are better off under liberalism
7. Liberalism generates more philanthropy
8. More outstanding individuals flourish under liberalism
9. Liberalism’s individualism increases happiness
10. Liberal societies are more interesting
11. Tolerance increases under liberalism
12. Sexism and racism decrease under liberalism
13. Liberalism leads to international peace
14. Liberalism is the most just system
15. Liberalism is more moral in its political practice

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