Thursday, February 18, 2016

Reason is a reality-seeking device ~ Tara Smith

“What dictators cannot do, however, is control what a person does with his mind. And this is what is critical. Force cannot induce a person to think rational thoughts, reach rational conclusions, or gain genuine knowledge — understanding of a subject that is based on logical examination of relevant evidence. If a person is denied access to the full nature of existents because certain lanes of inquiry are forbidden, he cannot reach rational conclusions about the associated subjects. His conclusions — concerning genetics or geophysics, the solar system or an economic system, his beliefs about how an illness is contracted or how a generator is built — will be distorted by the constricted vision that he is permitted. Exactly how distorted, and whether certain author’s fiction (as opposed to nonfiction) might still offer value, will depend on the degree of repression. But the basic truth remains: Reason is a reality-seeking device. That is its mission — to help man gain knowledge of reality.”

(Source: Judicial Review in an Objective Legal System by Tara Smith; Chapter - The Moral Authority Beneath the Law; Page - 104)

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