Monday, February 1, 2016

Leonard Peikoff on Einstein & Quantum Mechanics

In DIM Hypothesis there is a good discussion of the kind of science that Einstein practiced. This is followed by a discussion on this new trend towards Quantum Mechanics, which is partially inspired by Einstein’s works. Dr. Peikoff writes, “If Einstein dilutes the physical world, quantum mechanics dismisses it, substituting for it detached formalism presiding over limbo.”

Further, he writes, “Classical physics had studied material reality in order to discover objective, causal laws. Throw it all out, says the quantum credo. Reality is limbo; objectivity is pre-Kantian; causality can’t compete with Heisenberg; sensations arise by miracle; concepts are a detached formalism; mathematics is arbitrary; probabilities exist but not yet; Aristotelian logic is wrong; matter is passé; the science of physics does not investigate the physical. And quantum particles, whose study leads to all of this , do not exist.”

He goes on to say, “This is full-blown nihilism in the hitherto rational field of science.”

(Source: The DIM Hypothesis by Lenonard Peikoff; Chapter: DIM in Modern Culture; Page: 125-126)

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