Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Three Nietzsche quotes from journals of Ayn Rand

In the The Journals of Ayn Rand it is stated that once Ayn Rand seemed to have considered prefacing each part of The Fountainhead with a quotation from Friedrich Nietzsche. She had copied these three quotes from Nietzsche in her journal:

“Vanity is one of the things which are perhaps most difficult for the noble man to understand: he will be tempted to deny it, where another kind of man thinks he sees it self-evidently. The problem for him is to represent to his mind beings who seek to arouse a good opinion of themselves which they do not possess—and consequently also do not “deserve”—and who yet believe in this opinion afterwards.”

"Ye preachers of equality, the tyrant-frenzy of impotence crieth thus in you for "equality": your most secret tyrant-longings disguise themselves thus in virtue words."

“But from time to time do ye grant me—one glimpse, grant me but one glimpse only, of something perfect, fully realised, happy, mighty, triumphant, of something that still gives cause for fear! A glimpse of man that justifies the existence of man, a glimpse of an incarnate human happiness that realizes and redeems, for the sake of which one may hold fast to the belief in man!” 

(Sources: The Journals of Ayn Rand, Edited by David Harriman; Part 2; Chapter—Notes While Writing)

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