Thursday, January 28, 2016

"The Common man" is one of the worst slogans of Communism

"The Common man" is one of the worst slogans of Communism—and too many of us have fallen for it, without thinking.

All men are equal under the law. Therefore, if anyone is classified as “common”—he can be called “common” only in regard to his personal qualities. It then means that he has no outstanding abilities, no outstanding virtues, no outstanding intelligence. Is that an object of glorification?

In the Communist doctrine, it is. Communism preaches the reign of mediocrity, the destruction of all individuality and all personal distinction, the turning of men into “masses,” which means and undivided, undifferentiated, impersonal, average, common herd.

~ Ayn Rand

(Source: ‘The Journals of Ayn Rand’— From the notes that Ayn Rand prepared during the 1940s while working on her novel, Atlas Shrugged.)

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