Tuesday, January 5, 2016

“Odd-Even Rule" is the New War on Middle Class

The leftist elite has imposed the bizarre “odd-even” rule for cars in Delhi because they hate the sight of any middle class person travelling comfortably in cars. If the leftists have their way, the middle class will cease to exist in India. They want India to be like any typical communist country where there are only two classes of people — the politically connected elite at the top and the oppressed and starving poor class at the bottom.

Before the 1990s, in the pre-economic reform era, India was a leftist paradise — the small politically powerful elite misruled from the top, while majority of the people lived a life full of hopeless poverty and ignorance. The real agenda of the “odd-even” formula is to take India back into the pre-economic reform era. The bogey of air-pollution is just an excuse for fooling the middle class in the city to give up their cars, give up all hope of improving the quality of their lives.

What’s wrong with the air quality of Delhi! The life expectancy of people in Delhi is much higher than that of the people who live in the villages, which are almost completely free of the cars that the leftists are demonising. Hundreds of poor people are migrating to Delhi from villages everyday—why are they coming here if the quality of air is lethal!

Much of the so-called pollution in Delhi is caused by road dust, coal or fly ash— cars are not responsible for this. The thousands of trucks that pass through Delhi everyday are responsible for immense amount of traffic snarls and pollution. The cars or two-wheelers have nothing to do with the quality of air in Delhi. Even if all the cars in Delhi were to be banned on all the days, it would not lead to the slightest improvement in the quality of air.

Why is the life expectancy in Delhi higher than in the villages, if the air of Delhi is poisonous, as the leftists claim? The Times of India, the biggest drummer boy of unworkable leftist ideas in India, has made it a habit of publishing that stupid cartoon that says, “Let Delhi Breathe” on a regular basis. If Delhi’s air is not fit to breathe, then why doesn't the Times of India shift its offices to some godforsaken swamp where the air is more breathable?

The primary problem that Delhi faces is one of overcrowding, bad sewage facilities, bad roads, footpaths that are encroached upon, and the massive poverty and corruption. For these, problems the leftists don’t have any answers. They are not even interested in finding the answers to these problems. All they want to do is destroy the middle class by taking away the small luxuries (like cars) that the middle class has. 

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