Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ayn Rand, Isabel Paterson & The Fountainhead

In The Art of Fiction Ayn Rand talks about the advise that she received from Isabel Paterson (Author of God of the Machine) on the manuscript of The Fountainhead:

“In my original manuscript of The Fountainhead, I had references to Nazism and communism, and even to Hitler and Stalin. [Novelist and political writer] Isabel Paterson, to whom I showed the abstract speeches before the book was published, said to me: “Do not use those narrow political terms, because the theme of your book is wider than the politics of the moment. Granted that the book is directed against racism and communism, you are really writing about collectivism—any past, present, or future form of it. Do not narrow your subject down to the particular figures of the moment.”

“I had to think this over for two days before I absorbed the idea; I was so used to the other method that it took quite an effort to cut out those journalistic references. But it was one of the most valuable pieces of advice I ever got in regard to writing. Imagine reading The Fountainhead today with references to Hitler and Stalin—it would not be the same.” ~ Ayn Rand

(Source: 'The Art of Fiction' by Ayn Rand; Chapter - ‘Particular Issues of Style', Page: 163)

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