Saturday, August 29, 2015

Argentina: Ruined by Socialism

Eventually the Progressives and Socialists took control of the government of Argentina; they increased taxes every year to unacceptable levels like current U.S. tax policies do today, and they over-taxed the wealthy.

They treated successful business leaders in Argentina oppressively – just like Obama and Hillary are aggressively doing in the U.S. today.

Argentina provided massive welfare programs for non-working members of society like the Socialists and Progressives in the Obama administration are doing in the U.S. today.

Socialists in Argentina provided Socialized medical care for millions of people who did not work and it drove the government’s cost of medical care to unacceptable levels.

Progressives in Argentina approved union and government pension plans that were excessive and could no longer be funded like state and federal government retirement programs in the U.S. today.

Argentina had to borrow billions of dollars each year to fund their Progressive and Socialist programs like the Obama administration has been doing for nearly 7 years, and Argentina’s Progressive and Socialist programs eventually drove the country into such massive national debt that Argentina could no longer repay even the interest on the national debt which exceeded the Gross National Product.


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